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Funny Song about a hillbilly father giving his son some really stupid advice  ....... Don't Swat A Fly.
Funny Song about a weirdo with some very strange dreams .................Psychopaths Have Feelings Too.
Funny Song about the fattest cowboy in the west  ............ Ballad of Bernard.
Strange Song about a weird man who never leaves his bedroom ......... Up In My Room.
Weird Song about a cheating husband who encounters aliens ........... Close Encounters.
Crazy Song about a Preacher taking his people on one amazing trip ........... Sunday Sermon.
       Funny Original Songs written by Tom Hoy                                Produced by The Hoy Boys 
                            Copyright 2023
At we like to write Original Funny Songs that are Crazy, Demented and Weird but always for a Laugh.  Our Songs are about Aliens, Cheating Husbands, Psychopaths, Cowboys, Preachers, Rednecks, Fat Slobs and any other Freaky Characters we can think of.  Hope you enjoy our Strange sense of Humor and thanks for listening.  And come back again because we're always writing more Original Funny Songs!.....The Hoy Boys!

The Russians are coming in this Demented Polka Song about the latest Russian fad.............The Russian Poke Me Song.

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Donald Trump Cartoon

Kanye West Arrested
Pissed Off Wife

Funny Original Songs

Weird Demented Crazy Bizarre

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       "Rush Hour Traffic Blues" - A Johnny Cash Parody!
             "Up In My Room" written by Tom Hoy.
         Performed by The Nashville Demo Factory.
      "Some Guys Never Grow Up" - Written by Tom Hoy.