Mirror mirror on the wall
I crapped my pants but that's not all
I wish that everybody knew
That psychopaths have feelings too
Then maybe they'd just leave me alone.

I have a dream that I can fly
This magic gas propels my ass into the sky
Beyond the distant stars I find a world
Where psychopaths get all the laughs
And no one hurls.

And though this place will be so cool
As people run and scream like fools
'Cause everyone's a psychopath
So no one ever takes a bath
And most people smell a lot like cheese.

I have a dream that I can fly
Was it just chance I filled my pants
To touch the sky
For now I know what path I must persue
Because the voices said go flush your meds
Behold this ass, this psychopath
Has feelings too.

     "Psychopaths Have Feelings Too"
                      Written by Tom Hoy
                            Copyright 2022  Hoyboys.net
           Star Wars material  Copyright Lucasfilm 2021
     Copyright 2021  HOYBOYS.NET  All Rights Reserved   
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This page was last updated: April 22, 2022

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Psychopaths Have Feelings Too

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