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At we like to write Original Funny Songs that are Crazy, Demented and Weird but always for a Laugh.  Our Songs are about Aliens, Cheating Husbands, Psychopaths, Cowboys, Preachers, Rednecks, Fat Slobs, and any other Freaky Characters (like Donald Trump) we can think of.  Hope you enjoy our Strange sense of Humor and thanks for listening.  And come back again because we're always writing more Funny Songs!...All The Best from The Hoy Boys!
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One scary night when Donald Trump was tucked up in his bed
His Stepford wife Melania rolled over and played dead.
He tweeted on his twitter till his twitter fingers froze
Then suddenly beside his bed stood Abe Lincoln's ghost.

Trump stared at him in disbelief and clutched his phony heart
Then Donald screamed "Get lost you creep, whoever the hell you are!"
He aimed his smart phone at old Abe and repeatedly pressed send
Then Trump proclaimed "You hippie bum, you work for CNN!"

The stately ghost of Abraham could only shake his head
"Who is this psychopathic jerk, who now sleeps in my bed?
Then from the corner of the room, George Washington appeared
Then Donald screamed beneath the sheets "Oh no, another queer!"

And then Vladimir Putin called Donald just for kicks
"Hello my favorite comrade, how's your wife and my kids?"
"Not now you Russian doofus, I've got bigger fish to fry
I'm surrounded by freaks and homos and now here comes another guy...perfect".

Then appeared John Kennedy, he did an Irish jig
He said "I've not seen such a fiasco since the Bay of Pigs".
Then Melania sat straight up like her batteries were changed
"Vat the Hell is going on? Did sumone call my name?"

The ghost of Ronald Reagan then showed up on the scene
He grabbed the phone from Donald and oh did Donald scream.
"Well, here's one for the Gipper" then he threw it at the wall
Then Donald Trump went crying like a sissy down the hall.

The ghost of Richard Nixon came floating in the air
He chased Trump to the kitchen, then stole the silverware.
The moral of the story, be careful how you vote
'Cause you never want to piss off All the Presidents' Ghosts.

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Trump and Nixon

            "All The Presidents' Ghosts"
                     Written by Tom Hoy
                     Copyright 2023

You know you are a TRUE Trump supporter when...

1. On the way to a Trump rally you suddenly remember,
"Damn I forgot to beat my wife"!

2. You think a stop sign is a government conspiracy to control you.

3. You think Mexicans are brown, because they eat spicy food.

4. You think God is white, because your favorite song is " White Christmas ".

5. You think Trump won't show his income taxes, because he's embarrassed about how many charities he's donated to.

6. You think Hillary Clinton is the antichrist in drag.

                                                                                                                  (Tom Hoy)
Donald Trump Cartoon
This page was last updated: January 2, 2023

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