The Hoy Boys.....We are two brothers who live in Southern Ontario, Canada and started our Website 16 years ago.

     We both were professional musicians for 5 years playing out of Toronto with the "Classic Rock" band Bitter Blue.
        Tom Hoy - Lead Guitar   John Hoy - Bass Guitar.

John played keyboards for "The Crosstown Band" out of Markham, Ontario for 4 years.

     Tom  writes  the Original Songs and does the Guitar and Singing.  He also does background sketches for the Animation as well as Sketches for the Cartoon Characters such as BERNARD and  also the Story lines.

     John does the Animation, Voice overs, Story lines,  Additional music for the Original Songs as well as Designing and Maintaining the Web Site.

     We love what we do and our biggest thrill is when people come into our Website and have a Laugh!...Because in this World we could ALL use a GOOD LAUGH!

     Thanks for taking the time to read this and THANKS for visiting HOYBOYS.NET WEIRD ANIMATED CARTOONS!   We hope you come back again!

              All The Best from The HOY BOYS

                                    Tom and John Hoy    September, 2020.                                                                                     

                     * (If you are interested this is our Technical Page.)

And speaking of Hoy Boys - The most famous is Tom and Frank Hoy.

       Working class twin brothers Tom and Frank Hoy hustled up copyboy jobs in 1953 and eventually become White House News Photographers for two major DC newspapers.  And now there is a major movie coming out called "The Hoy Boys.

           And we send out a big Hello to all the other Hoy Boys from around  the  world  keeping  up  the  great  Irish  tradition!

To watch "The Hoy Boys" movie please click on
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Our Ancestry is from the Beautiful Island of HOY,          in the ORKNEY ISLANDS, SCOTLAND.
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Funny Cartoon Video
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About Us Hoy Boys

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