Original Funny Cartoon - "The Russian Poke Me Song" ... Featuring Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Hilary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, President Bush and Charlie Sheen! .... All Doing The Russian Poke Me Dance!
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Original Funny Cartoon Video "The Russian Poke Me Song" is one Weird, Crazy, Demented Music Cartoon. Those Russians really know how to Party!  Here's a Polka Dance where they throw Salamis at each other. Now that's Bizarre and Dumb. But they all have some Hilarious Fun doing this Strange, Stupid,  Traditional Russian Dance.  And everyone's doing The Poke Me Song Dance -..Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, President Bush, Hilary Clinton, O.J. Simpson and Martin Sheen. So have fun watching this Insane, Animated, Humorous Cartoon Video and have your own Poke Me Dance.....It's a Party in Your Pants!
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Two Psychopaths Pic
        What do you call a good looking lady in Russia?
                          A Tourist!
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     Crazy, Demented and Insane - "The Russian Poke Me Song"
This page was last updated: January 1, 2023

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Russian Poke Me Song

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