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   Funny Original Cartoon Video featuring a Cheating Husband who encounters Aliens! ..but           he's more afraid of his Wife!  Have fun and a laugh watching this Crazy Animated Cartoon!
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CLOSE ENCOUNTERS (of the Crazy Kind) is an Original Funny Cartoon featuring a low-life, lying, cheating husband who likes to fool around on his Wife with a girl named Sue.  But Sue's husband comes home, and Clem has to jump out the window Buck Naked!  Now he has to explain to his Wife how he lost his clothes and got covered in Lipstick, so he makes up a story that Aliens abducted him...real smart Clem!  But then the proverbial Crap hits the fan when the Truth becomes a Lie and a Lie becomes the Truth.  Have fun watching this really Weird Cartoon Music Animation about Husband Wife relationships........ and if you're going to fool around......Keep Your Boots On!
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Two Psychopaths
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      We know a guy who hasn't talked to his wife
                     in over 18 months.
             He doesn't like to interrupt her!

 Weird Alien Story - "Close Encounters (of the Crazy Kind)"
This page was last updated: January 1, 2023

Funny Animated Cartoon Video

Close Encounters

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