FIRE FART...Guy lights a candle with his own Fart.
                   DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!
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                                             INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT FARTS

                 People Fart 12 to 16 times every day.
                 Girls Fart just the same as Males.    
                 All animals Fart.
                 Oddly enough, people do the most Farting while they are asleep.

                 The proper and polite name for Farts is Flatulence.
                 Other names for farts: air biscuit, barking rats, gasser, hissers, yelling spiders,
                                                    bottom burp, stepping on a duck, bench warmer, woofer,
                                                    mud duck, blowing mud, happy honkers, sidewinders.                                                      
                 Farts contain methane and hydrogen and are always flammable.
                 Farts are Funny!                              

                                       INTERESTING QUESTIONS ABOUT FARTS

Do Celebrities Fart?...................Yes, all celebrities fart. And so do Queens, Kings,                                                                                Presidents, Priests, Nuns, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton,                                                                        and Popes. (If you don't believe Priests fart then watch                                                                          "SUNDAY SERMON". You may never eat beans again!

Are men's Farts more 
rank then Girls Farts?.................Definitely Not!  Even though proper studies have not                                                             been conducted in this fascinating area we can only                                                               state that Rosanne Barr Farts. (Yikes!)
Can I earn money 
if I'm a very good Farter?.........Yes of course you can!  There once was a man who                                                                     learned to sing by farting.  He was the toast of the town
                                                 and filled the opera houses of New York City.  However,                                                               one night, while trying to hit a very low note, he took a                                                                dump right on stage, which quickly ended his career!
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Fire Fart

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