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Funny Original Animated Western Song Video featuring an 800 Lb. cowboy who terrorizes a small  town!     Have a Laugh watching this Weird Cartoon!
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"Ballad of Bernard" is an Original Cowboy Song about a Very Fat Cowboy who wrecks havoc on a small western town.  Bernard dreams that he's back in the old west as an 800 Lb. Cowboy.  Why does he want to be an 800 Lb. Cowboy?  Because he's Stupid! ... and it's his way of throwing his weight around and getting what he wants!  Even the sheriff is frightened of this Cowboy from Hell!  Have a Laugh watching this Funny, Animated, Western Cowboy Video!
This Video has been classified as Strange, Demented, Stupid, Dumb, Crazy,Weird, Obnoxious, Flatulent, Crude, Insane, and Bizarre............Which, of course is,  ALL GOOD! 
    Original Funny Animated Western Song Video
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                             "BALLAD OF BERNARD"

Two Psychopaths
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