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FART WARS is an original funny Star Wars cartoon parody featuring Poop Skywalker, who must rescue Princess Toots-r-Common from the evil Fart Vader and restore the Oder of the Universe!  Featuring MICHAEL MOORE as the evil Fart Vader!
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"FART WARS" is an Original STAR WARS Cartoon Parody.  Featuring "MICHAEL MOORE as  Darth Vader (well actually Fart Vader) who kidnaps the beautiful Princess Toots-R-Common from the Emperor Constant Flatulence.  She must be rescued and the call goes out to Poop Skywalker from Obi-One-Big-One-Kinobi..."Use the Farts Poop, Use the Farts"  And so Poop, with his rusty side-kick F ME P U, embarks on a mission to save the Princess!  But the 98 lb. weakling Poop is no match for the 400 Lb. Fart Vadar.  Can Poop defeat the Evil Fart Vader, or will he be enticed over to the Fart Side of the Universe? The ending will surprise you. Have fun watching because this is the "FART WARS LIMITED EDITION" ... What we like to call "THE DIRECTOR CUT IT" ..... And May The Farts Be With You!
       Original Funny Star Wars Parody Cartoon 
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   Featuring MICHAEL MOORE as Fart Vader in "Fart Wars"
This page was last updated: January 1, 2023

Fart Wars Star Wars Parody

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