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Funny Original Animated Cartoon Video - "SUNDAY SERMON" Preacher takes his Flock on one Amazing trip they'll never forget!
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This page was last updated: January 1, 2023
SUNDAY SERMON is an Original Funny Cartoon Video about a Preacher who gets the Farts in church.  And he really lets those Farts Rip!  But the congregation is having a great time. They've never seen the Preacher act so Crazy.  The Preacher is on fire!  So they all yell Hallalujah everytime the Preacher Cuts the Cheese!  Well if you have to Fart you might as well have fun with it.  Then in comes the local drunk looking for redemption. The Fat Slob wants to be saved and go to Heaven.  Then All Hell Breaks Loose and the Priest and Congregation blast off on a trip that they will never forget!  I guess the moral of this Funny Sermon is "If you want to go to Heaven you have to eat a Lot of Beans!"  Have fun watching this Funny Crazy Video...( remember to and Eat Your Beans!)
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  What do a Christmas tree and priest have in common?   
               Their balls are just for decoration!
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    Crazy, Demented, Uplifting, Inspiring - "Sunday Sermon"
This page was last updated: January 1, 2023

Funny Original Animated Cartoon Video

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