Hear the Song Close Encounters
  "Close Encounters Of The Crazy Kind"
                              Written By Tom Hoy
                                             Copyright 2022   Hoyboys.net
Me and Sue we're making music like never before
When we heard the killing sound of a key in the door
She looked at me, I looked at her.
She said could be my husband I'm not really sure.

Well, out of the bed I scrambled into my boots
Jumped out the window in my birthday suit
I never dreamed I could move so fast
One step ahead of a shotgun blast.

It was close encounter of the crazy kind
I prayed the Lord don't let the full moon shine 
Tonight I'll be grateful if you save my life
Good thing I have an understanding wife.

When I got home the house was totally dark
Til old Napoleon began to bark.
The lights went on and the door flew open
She stood there staring, I stood there hopin'
She said she's heard a hundred stories from me
There wasn't one that she had ever believed.
I said but this time honey it's the honest truth
I'm standing here as living proof.

I had a close encounter of the crazy kind
These little green men were trying to read my mind.
Oh yeah, when they discovered I was thinking of you
You won't believe what they decided to do
Well, they took away every stitch of my clothes
Painted little red circles from my head to my toes
Sprayed something awful smelled like cheap perfume
Then they left me on Earth and headed back to the Moon.

She must have bought it 'cause she let me in
I'm standing starkers with a foolish grin.
She said wait here and left me there in the hall
Between the guilt and the cold I sure felt small.

When she came back she had a suitcase in her hand
In the other was this tall blond Swedish looking man
She said, look who I picked up while cruising the stars
He said hello my name is Lars, I'm from the planet Mars.

Close encounters of the crazy kind
They seem to happen when the sun don't shine
Oh Lord, my baby's leaving me 'cause she don't care
She's having an extraterrestrial affair

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This page was last updated: April 22, 2022

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