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A Lazy Slob never leaves his bedroom. But is he Crazy? Check out this Funny video clip and song..
Strange man builds his own Time Machine to escape from his mother in this Crazy Cartoon Video.
Cheating husband encounters aliens but he's more afraid of  his wife! in this Weird Cartoon Song.
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The Evil Fart Vader kidnaps Princess Toots R Common in this Star Wars Parody Cartoon Animation.
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Funniest Hillbilly Song you'll hear when a Hillbilly father gives his son some  stupid advice in this Crazy Cartoon
Trailer featuring our Weird Animated Music Cartoons and The Bernard's Theme Song written by Tom Hoy.
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800 Lb. Cowboy terrorises a small western town in the funny Animated cartoon song.
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More Funny Cartoon Music Videos Coming Soon.
Crazy Preacher will show you how to get to heaven in this Funny Cartoon Animated Music Video.
You are the Detective who must  make an arrest for the Murder of Terry in this Funny cartoon murder mystery game.
Demented Cartoon Song about a psychopath dreaming of a new world where he'll be a celebrity!
Funny Cartoon Video featuring Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Monica Lewinsky and President Bush .
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Psychic Bernard answers your questions about Love, Fortune and much more.