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Poor Bernard...He sits around his Bedroom all day long and gets fatter by the hour. Good thing he talked to his doctor. The Doctor must make house calls because the only way Bernard leaves his Bedroom is through his Imagination. But still, the Fat Bastard is still funny to watch especially in this Crazy, Weird, Music Video "UP INMYROOM."  Watch it for a Laugh! Written from the Demented mind of Tom Hoy
Two Psychopaths
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   "Fat Man And The Pizza"

            What's the difference between a 
               Mel Gibson movie and a pizza?
                        Pizzas are good!
(By Tom and Ann Hoy)

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   Weird, Demented, Crazy and Strange - "Fat Man And The Pizza"
Fat Man eating Pizza
This page was last updated: January 1, 2023

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Fat Man Pizza Strange Hilarious

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