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      "Dead Grandmother"
Original Funny Comic Strips, Weird, Bizarre and Demented is a collection of Cartoon Drawings from the Crazy Mind of Tom Hoy for people who love their Comics just a little bit Strange. Who else would think burying a grandmother could be funny but  except Tom Hoy?  He'll be adding more of these Cartoon Funnies as time goes on and we hope you come back again and check them out just for a Laugh and All The Best from The Hoy Boys!
Two Psycopaths at Table
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(By Tom Hoy)
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    Demented, Crazy, Stupid and Strange - "Dead Grandmother"
Our Grandma is 89 and still doesn't need glasses.
                 She drinks right out of the bottle!
This page was last updated: January 1, 2023

Dead Grandmother Comic Strip

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